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Meet The Team

At the heart of The Pathfinders Studio is a love to see business owners succeed. We're not just into making great videos and photos. We want to come along side and help businesses reach places they've never thought possible. Hence the name Pathfinders.


Im Rebekah and Im a bit of a mixed bag. Coming from a family of nurses, I graduated with my Nursing degree in 2012 and worked in home care management position for 4 years. It wasn't too long after I admitted to myself that it wasn't my heart's true passion. Naturally, a cautious and insecure person, my husband has given me the wings to fly and a mind to believe in myself in the face of fear, and as a result I left my black and white corporate desk behind to see the world in color through the lens of a camera and I have no plans on looking back. It's a decision that brought me to where and who I am now.

Austin Video Production Company Owner

I'm Juan Jose. A photographer and filmmaker of over 6 years. My passions are marketing, and the craft of visual media.  I come from a family of immigrants who left all they knew to pursue a dream. I'm so grateful to have seen a lifestyle of risk-taking at such a young age. It's taught me that most good things in life are worth fighting for, and sometimes all you need to do is take a leap of faith in order to be where you've never been before. But enough about my story, I'd love to grab coffee and learn more about you. 

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